Brand new way of Motion Capture & Production –
The new path of Digital Filmmaking

Origami Digital is proud to announce the opening of our brand new Motion Capture Studio. Located on the premises we make use of some of the next generation technology only available at Origami Digital. We thrive not to become just another place that does motion capture, but combine our experience in previz and postproduction to offer the whole package if needed.
We are enhancing and perfecting our whole pipeline on a daily basis and invite you to just take a look and see for yourself. We utilize our proprietary LOCO System, allowing you to produce CG Effects, Previz & Animation in realtime just as you would with live action. Using the LOCO System, clients are able to capture and visualize hours of footage per day, versus the typical minutes of just mocap data. In addition to our permanent Studio, the LOCO System is mobile, and can operate outside in bright sunlight accomodating even the most difficult production needs.