HALO 3 | Shorts

Short by Director Neill Blomkamp for Microsoft / Bungie's upcoming video game Halo 3. Origami Digital was responsible for all CG and compositing work, while working in close conjunction with Weta Workshop, which provided costumes for soldiers and other live- action props. Origami Digital used its propriatory system "Loco" in conjunction with our in house Mocap Setup, to quickly create digital soldiers and integrate them into fully digital environments. Our internal pipeline allowed us to accomodate all of the clients requests and wishes in an extremely short timeframe. The time of completion from start to delivery was two weeks for the first short, and 3 weeks for each of the other two shorts.

Halo 3 | Arms Race
Halo 3 | Combat I
Halo 3 | Combat II

The Story of how Origami Digital created scene amazing shots was picked up by G4TV and IGN and you can watch the reports below

G4TV Report
IGN Report

Some of the full CG Shots created for the first short.

Some samples of the VFX and creatures of Short 2.

Digital Creatures created and animated using our Loco Mocap System.